Answers as a Service

NeuralSeek enables your virtual agents to handle open-ended, complex, contextual questions from real customers.

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Make your virtual agents actually smart

Your live agents get flooded with volume when your chatbots and search can’t answer users’ questions. Until now, it’s been too difficult and costly to train your virtual agents to give good answers to open-ended questions.

Intelligent answers to the most complex questions, in real time

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90% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as important when they have a customer service question. NeuralSeek connects to your existing knowledge database and instantly generates natural-language answers to real customer questions, no matter the complexity.

Carry on a conversation


Virtual agents powered by NeuralSeek are capable of carrying on a full conversation. Users can ask multiple follow-up questions while the virtual agent remains fully context-aware.

No code or upfront costs

Unlike conventional bots, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars training your virtual agent before it goes live. Get your agent up and running in three simple steps:

Step 1: Connect

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Connect NeuralSeek to your existing knowledge database like Watson Discovery, without using code.

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Step 2: Ask

NeuralSeek generates responses suitable for use over any channel: phone, web and SMS are all supported. Just plug your virtual agent into NeuralSeek and go live. Let real customers train your agent for you.
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Step 3: Curate

Review, curate and polish generated answers before promoting them into the virtual agent as trained actions.

NeuralSeek’s approach reduces the need for live agents by up to 80%. You pay per answer generated. The more you ask, the greater your savings. Storage, curation, export, and translation are always free.

Feeling the magic yet?

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