Artificial Intelligence with NeuralSeek

What separates NeuralSeek from other Intelligent Virtual Agents?

How does NeuralSeek deliver transparent, trustworthy, and transformative AI?

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Onboard a Virtual Agent in a matter of moments with NeuralSeek’s Auto-Generate feature. Organizations can create an instance, connect to their KnowledgeBase, and almost instantly NeuralSeek will spin up a list of Intents (Actions and Responses) based on the information given, letting organizations move on to refining their Virtual Agent.
Auto-Generate with NeuralSeek

'Bring Your Own' Large Language Model (BYO-LLM)

NeuralSeek is not a Large Language Model (LLM)? NeuralSeek is a business accelerator that helps organizations gain corporate value from an LLM. NeuralSeek allows organizations to purchase a ‘Bring-Your-Own’ Large Language Model (BYO-LLM) plan. Benefit from having your own LLM data such as Azure, GPT 3.5, GPT 4.0, and more to allow further control and personalization of your instance.
Bring-Your-Own Large Language Model (LLM) with NeuralSeek

Content Analytics

Content Analytics provides users with a built-in feature to effortlessly gather insights about what users want and evaluate documentation efficiency based on Coverage and Confidence % scores (no code required!).

Conversational Context

NeuralSeek maintains conversational context throughout discourse with users, tracking the topic of conversation to keep interactions focused and structured, allowing it to follow-up on questions that do not directly refer to the topic. Natural Language Processing (NLP) models enable NeuralSeek to filter corporate knowledge to ensure that the information being returned is focused on the time period of the question.

Curation of Answers to Your Virtual Agent

NeuralSeek automatically generates “Actions” or “Dialogs,” based on real user questions. NeuralSeek also automatically works to generate similar worded questions to meet the minimum required five (5) user question examples needed.
Curation of Answers to a Virtual Agent with NeuralSeek

Dynamic Personalization

When communicating using a Virtual Agent, organizations want to replicate the abilities of a human; connecting with individuals on a personal level. With Dynamic Personalization, NeuralSeek analyzes user data to adjust its outputs according to each user’s needs. NeuralSeek also automatically detects Personal Identifiable Information (PII) within user inputs to your Virtual Agent. PII is ineligible to be stored in logs or curated, eliminating any chance of resurfacing in your back end knowledgebase or on the front end of your Virtual Agent.
Dynamic Personalization with NeuralSeek

Self-Building Virtual Agents

Obstacles can occur as time passes, and information becomes outdated. To solve this, NeuralSeek trains itself to ensure that your answers remain up-to-date and relevant to users by continuously monitoring your source information and comparing it with generated responses, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Semantic Match Scoring

Increase your accuracy and confidence in your Virtual Agent and source documentation with the Semantic Match Score, which reveals transparency and clarity of answer origins. These scores enable users to selectively exclude responses that might not align with the information found in your source documentation.
Semantic Match Scoring with NeuralSeek