NeuralSeek Change Log

September 2023

  • IBM watsonx Granite Models Supported
  • AWS Bedrock Integration and Models Supported
  • NEW FEATURE – Explore: An Open-Ended Retrieval Augmented Generation Playground
  • Round Trip Monitoring
  • Refinements to Vector Similarity Matching
  • Llama 2 Chat Model Support
  • HuggingFace Integration for Supported Models
  • Vector Similarity for Intent Matching
  • AWS OpenSearch Integration

August 2023

  • IBM Watson Assistant Dialog Multi-Turn Conversation Templates
  • New ‘Seek’ Parameter Call to Indicate LLM Performance
  • BYO-LLM – IBM watsonx language translation
  • Summarization of document passage results
  • Link Summarization of NeuralSeek Results, 1-5 Result Links
  • Ability to set specific language on each LLM – e.g., “use <this> model for Spanish Seek / Translation”
  • AWS Kendra Search/Index KnowledgeBase connector
  • ‘Bring Your Own’ Large Language Model (BYO-LLM) cards – ability to use multiple LLMs for a specific task
  • AWS Lex Multi-Turn Conversation Generation Templates

July 2023

  • Ability to auto-fill slots when gathering information
  • KnowledgeBase translation updated – questions now get translated to KnowledgeBase source language for summarization
  • Offline spreadsheet editing with upload to Curate tab
  • ConsoleAPI under Integrate tab
  • Streaming Endpoint – users can now enable streaming responses from NeuralSeek
  • Streaming Responses from LLM
  • Cross-lingual support when using language code “xx” (Match Input) enhanced
  • Translate Endpoint
  • Curate to CSV / Upload Curated QA from CSV
  • Semantic Match Analysis to describe the logic for the Semantic Score enhanced
  • IBM watsonx Model Compatibility
  • Local / On-Prem / Kubernetes (K8s) deployments supported
  • Identify Language Endpoint
  • AWS Lex Round-Trip Monitoring
  • Entity Extraction feature, Custom Entity Creation
  • GitHub Knowledge Repository

June 2023

May 2023

  • Analytics API endpoint
  • Data Cleanser for non-HTML enabled
  • Table Extraction model to enable answers from tabular data

April 2023

  • ‘Bring Your Own’ Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Curate to, Cognigy, AWS Lex
  • IBM Frankfurt (FRA) data center availability
  • IBM Sydney (SYD) data center availability
  • Regression Testing Endpoint
  • Semantic Score Model, Improved Provenance and Semantic Source Re-Rank

March 2023

  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Detection
  • Round-Trip Logging
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Source Document Monitoring and Answer Regeneration
  • User-specified input length enabled

February 2023

  • Additional languages enabled (Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese)
  • Auto-Build Multi-Step Action
  • Enhanced API to allow run-time modification of all parameters
  • KB tuning parameters enabled
  • Large Language Model (LLM) tuning
  • Personalization of generated answers